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This is an inspirational tale of love based on a true story. Hettie Keller was born in a Georgia cotton field in 1899 three months premature, losing her sight at four months. Harvard gave her a special award in 1927. Teaching Braille was her occupation and playing music was her passion. Hettie played eight musical instruments and performed at the Fox Theater in Atlanta. She married her sweetheart who was also blind and their love story may bring tears of joy. After he died, she ended up in a nursing home at the age of ninety-three where the author came to see her weekly. Hettie's maternal grandmother was full blooded Cherokee and a shaman. Hettie inherited her gift of spirit and she gave the writer her guide to health, happiness and serenity through ten unforgettable maxims that taught him how to celebrate life.

First Paragraph of "Mockingbird's Song"

I saw my friend Hettie Keller every Saturday for four years, but she never saw me. Now I stood in a remote Georgia cemetery where five people had come to lay her to rest. The grass slumped toward the earth, parched by the July heat. A lone sound came from a mockingbird perched high above the funeral tent in the still branches of a loblolly pine. The modest gray casket lay ominous and final as the smell of damp red clay filled the air.

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